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Impact of the electric shock
Dec 08, 2017

Before buying and using electric shocks or stun guns or taser guns, you need to understand the causes of these weapons and the extent of their harm to the human body. However, I can tell you here, you can rest assured, because manufacturers and other departments have tested their defibrillators and found that its power is quite good, but they will not cause long-term physical They are also fairly safe self-defense weapons.

Before we detail the working principle of the electric shocker, we need to explain the charge distribution. Knowing this, we can know why these weapons are so effective that there are probably several reactions when the charge enters the body.

Charge into the body after the following points:

Human brain "short circuit." This is probably the same as the signal interference on a TV screen.

People's muscles become "disabled", people's muscles in a short time by a strong impact, they are very tired.

When the charge leaves the body, the muscles and nervous system activities will return to normal. So electric shock will not cause permanent damage.

Stinger, of course, is by far the safest self-defense weapon that can be used to very effectively conquer or intimidate others

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