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RFID electronic tag technology applications
Dec 08, 2017

Short-range radio frequency identification products are not afraid of grease, dust pollution and other harsh environments, bar codes can be replaced in such an environment, for example, used in the factory line tracking objects.

Long-range radio frequency identification products are mostly used in transportation, identification distance up to tens of meters, such as automatic charging or identification of vehicles and so on.

1. In the retail industry, the use of bar code technology has enabled the management of thousands of types of goods, prices, places of production, batches, shelves, inventory, sales and other links

2. Adopt automatic vehicle identification technology to avoid toll roads, bridges and parking places queuing vehicles clearance, reducing the time waste, thus greatly improving the traffic efficiency and capacity of transport facilities

3. In the automated production line, the entire production process in all aspects have been placed under close monitoring and management

4. The use of long-range radio frequency identification technology in harsh environments such as dust, pollution, cold and heat improves the inconvenience that truck drivers have to get off formalities

5. In the operation and management of buses, the automatic identification system accurately records the arrival time of the vehicles at each station along the line, providing real-time and reliable information for vehicle scheduling and overall operation and management.

6. In device management, an RFID auto-identification system can bind a specific location of a device to an RFID reader and record the process as it moves out of the assigned reader's location.

RFID tag technology is widely used, according to estimates of market Yi Yi technology market analysts, typical applications: animal chips, access control, air parcel identification, document tracking management, tracking package identification, animal husbandry, logistics management, mobile commerce, product security , Sport Timing, Ticket Management, Automotive Chip Guard, Parking Control, Line Automation, Material Management and much more.

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