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The right way to use a infrared night vision security camera
Feb 02, 2018

In TV monitoring system engineering, the past few application infrared lamp, in recent years, not only vault, oil depot, the armory, book aaa, cultural relics departments, prisons, and other important departments use, but also in general monitoring systems are used.

Even residential district TV monitoring project has applied the infrared lamp.

This shows that people's demand for TV monitoring systems is becoming more and more standardized and higher.

It not only requires daytime and night visible light monitoring, but also requires concealed monitoring at night.

With the development of television monitoring system engineering technology, buy lamp the rapid increase of the user, also appeared many problems, for example, a user bought a dozen infrared lamp, say a not bright, after asking to know just know, he USES a common color video camera, and ordinary color video camera is not feeling the infrared light,

Some users said your infrared lamp amounted to less than nominal irradiation distance, through understanding, they lack the infrared lamp of cameras, lenses, shield, and the understanding of the power supply system compatibility requirements, not in television monitoring project design as an infrared false low illumination low illumination night vision systems engineering to overall consideration;

Some users of infrared lamp thought understanding, to increase the DC12V infrared lamp power supply voltage, thus increasing the irradiation power of the infrared lamp or not regulated dc power supply for DC12V infrared lamp power supply lamp burning;

Some users to reflect their according to the requirements of the infrared lamp illumination equipped with a camera, the infrared lamp irradiation range of nominal but can't get a clear image, and given some camera manufacturers of minimum intensity of illumination with moisture, or inadvertently using the vague concept of minimum intensity of illumination, replace the scene with the target surface illumination intensity of illumination;

In addition, some users get a clear image of influence on camera illumination outside factors, such as video cameras and lenses of the nominal size, lens aperture, focal length F F, not very familiar with the camera function requirements, etc.

We believe that it is beneficial to introduce the principle, selection and application of some infrared lamps to TV monitoring equipment dealers, engineers and users.

The method of night vision can be illuminated by conventional visible light, but this method not only can not be concealed, but also more exposed to the monitoring target (in the residential area and disturbing people).

Hidden night vision surveillance, currently using infrared camera technology.

Infrared camera technology is divided into passive infrared camera technology and active infrared camera technology.

Passive infrared camera technology is the use of any material above absolute zero infrared emission, infrared light from the human body and the engine is stronger, infrared light is very weak, from other objects using special infrared camera can realize monitoring at night.

However, this particular infrared camera is expensive and does not reflect the surrounding environment, so it is not used in night vision systems.

In a night vision system often adopts the active infrared imaging technology, namely USES the infrared radiation "lighting", people see not and ordinary camera can capture the infrared light, radiation "lighting" landscape and environment, application of ordinary low illumination color during the day and night automatically become black and white and black and white camera camera or infrared low illumination color camera, feeling surrounding environment reflected infrared night vision.

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