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Introduction Of Secutity Monitoring System
Jan 16, 2018

First of all, the security system generally thinks of monitoring, burglar alarm.

Security includes seven major industries:

1. Monitor

2. Prevention of burglary

3. Inter-building communication.

4. Background music and broadcast.

5. Explosion protection and security check.

6. Parking management

7. Patrolling


For example: a system must have an alarm host, a front-end probe, a transmission device (or a cable).

However, according to different customer requirements and objectives, a large number of devices can be expanded: door magnetic, button, alarm, alarm center, telephone line, etc.

The front-end probe can be divided into active infrared, passive infrared, smoke, air, vibration probe, temperature, glass broken, etc.


Security System Integration, Security systems Integration: English refers to structures within the organization of Security management platform, for the purpose of using the integrated wiring technology, communication technology, network interconnection technology, multimedia technology, Security technology, network Security technology and other related equipment, software Integration, interface design, installation and debugging of custom development and application support.

Security system integration of subsystems including entrance guard system, building intercom system, monitoring system, anti-theft alarm, IC card, parking management, fire fighting system, multimedia display systems, remote conference system.


Security system integration can be used as an independent system integration project, as well as a subsystem included in the intelligent building system integration.

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