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Magnets Susceptible To What Factors And Degaussing
Dec 08, 2017

☆ magnetic stripe card wallet, wallet in the distance from the magnetic close, or even magnetic clasp contact.

☆ and Ms. handbags, men's hand magnetic clutch too close or contact.

☆ contact with a magnetic seal contacts, notebooks.

☆ and mobile phone sets of magnetic clasp, car keys and other magnetic objects in contact.

☆ And cell phones and other devices that generate electromagnetic radiation for a long time together.

☆ And television sets, tape recorders and other appliances have a strong magnetic field effect too close.

☆ In the use of supermarkets, anti-theft with the use of anti-theft devices in the supermarket too close or even contact.

☆ When multiple magnetic stripe cards are put together, the magnetic stripe of two cards touches each other.

In addition, the magnetic stripe card pressure, be folded, bump for a long time, exposure, high temperature, magnetic stripe scratches and so on will make the magnetic stripe card can not be used normally. In the meantime, during the credit card transaction on the credit card swipe card, the head cleaning, aging degree, data transmission interference, system error action, improper cashier operation and the like may cause the magnetic stripe card to be unavailable.

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