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Security Monitoring System On 2018 CES Show In US
Jan 12, 2018

This year's CES, as a bellwether for global technology, will not be without artificial intelligence.

It is worth noting that many enterprises in this exhibition have released artificial intelligence chips in the field of security monitoring.

If the first AI processor RK3399Pro is released by Rockchip, it will provide one-stop Turnkey solution for AI artificial intelligence, which will be applicable to intelligent driving, image recognition, security monitoring and other fields.

Altek (Altek technology) display of 3 d depth chip solutions AL6100 induction and algorithm, the chip will be in video monitoring, smart phones, devices such as smart home system, in the first quarter of 2018 is expected to go into mass production and supply.

It can be seen that the security field is becoming the "hot cake" in the eyes of chip manufacturers.

In the past two years, the cooperation between security enterprises and chip enterprises has become increasingly frequent, and the two sides are becoming a community of interests.

For security, artificial intelligence chip is crucial to its "soul" role in the security system, the technical index of the chip determines the security monitoring system of the overall technical indicators, including the definition, sensitivity, color, dynamic range, etc.

With the comprehensive aization of security, AI chip will be an important factor to determine the development of security enterprises.

Smart home is still the focus.

As can be seen from the exhibition site, the smart home industry is still the first place where the technology giants are queuing up.

Qualcomm held a new product launch event, including intelligent hardware, smart speaker, wireless headset, VR and other new products.

Baidu also chose to show the first small fish at the exhibition in CES2018, the smart video sound box, Sengled smart speaker lamp and popInAladdin intelligent projector, and three intelligent hardware products.

LG displays a full range of artificial intelligence home products, including wardrobes, refrigerators, washing machines, and new system OLED TVS.

Through CES, the popularity of smart home is increasing.

The tech giant continues to add smart home, apparently still optimistic about the future of smart home.

The global smart home market will reach $79.3 billion by 2021, according to U.S. Statista.

ABIResearch predicts that the global smart home market will reach $70 billion in 2018, or over $100 billion in 2021.

It is foreseeable that the smart home market will continue to flourish in 2018.

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